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about CDMstudios.


Tap into an all-in-one marketing content production network for all your content creation needs.

Specializing in commercials, films and visual effects, we offer a 360° approach to all things digital.

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Merging over 60 years of marketing and communication expertise with award-winning film production solutions, we offer a 360 degree approach to cover all your content creation needs.


From content  ideation and digital content creation to film and commercial production, our international team produces quality content tailor-made to suit your business needs.


Tap into an all-in-one marketing content production network and leverage three generations of industry knowledge.

video production     |     creative strategy     |     3d animation & graphics     |     visual effects

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Winner of the David di Donatello for the best digital visual effects in 2011, Rebel Alliance Network for Knowledge Empowering and Development is an applied research program, defined with the aim of developing a new business model focused on operational support to better confront challenges that arise between the players in the Contents Industry.

With constant technological advancements, the influx of changes taking place have radically changed production processes and work environments, contributing to the birth of new jobs, professions and above all, the emergence of new industry trends.


Rebel Alliance, with the opening of production coordination offices first in Italy, with offices in Rome, Milan and Naples then in Los Angeles with headquarters at Paramount Picture Studios and then with the expansion in Africa and Middle East with offices in Abu Dhabi and Nairobi, offers world-wide production solutions for any type of film production, including pre and post-production.

Our experience in traditional marketing communication is associated with new skills for innovative communication in a new business model aligned with the evolution of the industry. We support numerous companies and agencies in communication campaigns aimed at promoting brands, products and services of all product categories, from small and medium enterprises to large multinationals.


Since 1957, Compagnia del Marketing (CDM) has been leading communications. As marketing pioneers, starting from field promotion leading up to the newly defined ‘advertainment’ and marketing 3.0, for us, every form of communication lays its foundations on creativity: and it is precisely creativity that distinguishes us.


Our work is designed to anticipate the market of tomorrow, leveraging experiential strategies to turn marketing from ordinary to extraordinary. We share knowledge, we collaborate, but above all, we communicate.

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